A businessman who can’t answer the phone… Riiiiiight

I hate it. How can someone run a successful business if they can’t answer the phone? Well, that’s me. I run a marginally successful web design agency and I’ve had a new lease of enthusiasm after a meeting with the local business support people and it means I’ve spent the last 48 hours updating my LinkedIn page, the website, all of that stuff. But since I’ve updated my LinkedIn page I’ve had no less than 4 phone calls from people wanting to talk to me about what I can do for them. The only problem is, I don’t actually answer the phone. I leave it to voicemail and then call them back.

I know it’s down to the anxiety and it’s the ability to answer the phone without worrying I’m gonna say something ridiculous. That’s what I hate.

I’m looking at some virtual office options where someone else takes the call and then gives me details so I can call the person back. But even then it involves talking to them so now I’m thinking of hiring a receptionist or someone who can take calls but also explain what we do.

Hmm… Running a business with anxiety is great, isn’t it?

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