Anyone struggling to learn English?

If anyone out there is struggling to learn English, I don’t envy you. It is apparently the hardest language to learn because we have 17 different meanings for the same word. I think it’s the word “so” that has the most number of meanings (7 I think, but feel free to correct me!).


Someone just posted this picture on Facebook and I love it. I love how complex and detailed the English language is but I guess I’m only excited by it because I’m English and I don’t have to learn it.

The other one I love is how the phrase – “I never said she stole my money” – has 7 different meanings. Don’t believe me? Read the phrase out loud 7 times, and move the emphasis to the next word each time.

I never said she stole my money”

“I never said she stole my money”

“I never said she stole my money”

Etc… etc…

There are loads of examples of the complexities of the language and even us English folk struggle sometimes. In fact, looking through Facebook right now proves just how many Brits can’t spell for shit. Although the upside is that they’ve stopped writing in text speak. I guess it’s a start!


I just got handed a few £ (GB Pound) coins and for some reason I felt I had to put them in date order. Three coins: 2003, 2000 and a 1983.

It’s not very clear but it does say 1983!

It was at this moment, it occurred to me, that one of these coins was 11 years older than me. This little bit of… coin… what are coins made of? Copper? Gold? Oh apparently “a mixture of copper, zinc and nickel”. So, this little bit of Copzinckel is approximately 33 years old.

It got me thinking. So here are a few events that this bit of Copzinckel saw that I missed:

  • Prince Harry was born (1984)
  • Condom commercials began to appear on TV for the first time – oo er! (1987)
  • The world population reaches 5 billion (1987)
  • Tim Berners-Lee invents the World Wide Web (1989)
  • Nelson Mandela is freed – Yay! (1990)

It’s quite something to overthink things so much that you become giddy at the fact this coin has been alive for 33 years already.

What a moron. 

I got up early this morning, got myself sorted out and ready to take the car to the garage for them to sort the problem with it. Just as I stepped out the door my dad stops me and the following conversation ensued.  

“are you sure it’s today?” 

“yeah, it’s in on Friday”

“Is today Friday?”

“I think so. Isn’t it? Oh wait…*long pause*… Nah it’s Thursday”

“Muppet. Are you going back to bed then?”

“Yeah might as well”

Nothing brings you crashing back down to earth more than finding out you’re running a day ahead than everyone else. 

“Are you sure you want to unsubscribe?”

Yes I’m ******* sure! When I first started my business I signed up to a whole load of industry newsletters and rubbish and now not only do they send those newsletters they also keep asking me to “get involved” and “be inspired” so I’ve just spent the last 2 hours going through my inbox unsubscribing from their emails.

Out of 47 subscriptions, how many do you think EMAILED me a confirmation that I had unsubscribed?Read More »