Yay me!

Well like I could always picture myself moving to Canada and living my life but for the last couple of years I’ve struggled looking past the next day. Recently I’m beginning to get back to imagining life in the long term and now thinking about the idea that there are 3.5 billion people out there that I haven’t met, the idea of that excites me

Needed some alone time

I took myself off for a walk this afternoon. I woke up this morning and couldn’t really engage my brain to do anything so I drove out to the coast and went for a walk. Ended up 6 miles up the coast and past this cool spot. 

On the way back I stopped off and took some pictures. None of them really came out well but thanks to Instagrams filters it now looks pretty good. You can’t quite see the snowy hills but the hills of northern Scotland are visible across the water, looking towards Wick and the far north. 

I had a good 4 hours that I managed to forget about real life. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about my ex girlfriend. I don’t know why since we split up 3 years ago and I thought I had moved on but clearly not. But the walk this afternoon let me think everything through so hopefully I really can move on and meet someone else. I’m so lonely!!

What did you do this Sunday, anything interesting?

Another of those days

I’m having one of those “fuck this shit” days where I could potential go out and conquer the world by 7pm this evening. 

I’ve had enough of wallowing in self pity, had enough of feeling crap about myself, had enough of people taking me for granted and not bothering to talk to me, so I’m gonna do something great and show everyone and prove to everyone I can do something big. 

I’ve no idea what yet but this business plan I’m writing up is for a pretty big business. With upwards of 20 staff, investors, all that stuff and I’ll probably need a massive loan (£100k or more) so if I can get a good business plan that could be a goer. 

Does anyobe else get days where they feel like they’ve had enough and want to change?

I’m so excited!

I’m really giddy. Tonight I came to with a new business idea, much bigger than the two I currently own but one that the more I think about the more excited I become. 

I’ve spent the last 2 hours just lying in bed coming up with ideas on how it could work and then imagining the opening day and driving into the premises and seeing a huge line of people waiting to come in. 

I’m gonna go see some business people tomorrow and talk it through with them. I’m pretty sure nothing will come of it but I may as well ask, right?

The human body continues to amaze me

I’m watching a programme on TV and this woman donated one of her kidneys to her sister. I know, what a woman. But there was a doctor on this programme explaining how the body deals with essentially losing one of its kidneys. 

When you donate a kidney it means the kidneys is only doing 50% of the work. The body then adjusts and evolves and the one remaining kidney increases its capacity in order to do the work of the missing kidney. After however many months, this single kidney is able to do the work of two kidneys. 

Now, I’m not going to get into an argument with God botherers about how this made up thing designed the human body like this. Because that’s bollocks. This whole story and the whole concept of a kidney adapting to its new surroundings is a story of evolution. The kidney evolves to work harder because it’s doing the work of two organs. 

I digress. The human body is an amazing thing and listening to stories about how complex everything is, astonishes me. Even trying to understanding some mental health problems and realising how complicated they are but also researching how every brain is different and what goes on inside the head. 

Anyway, I could talk for hours on it. Safe to say I’m amazed. 

I went walkies!

I fancied a walk this afternoon and ended up at the highest point in Moray, Scotland. Ben Rinnes has been something I’ve wanted to climb since I moved to Scotland and since the weather was fairly good I took the opportunity. 


Thick layer of ice and snow around a big clump of rocks
I took loads of pictures, using my iPhone only. I did take my big camera but it was far too cold to use it. Google weather said it was -7 at the peak and that was without wind chill. I’d say adding wind chill took it to at least -12, possibly colder. 

It was still great fun though and the views were epic. I’m not sure how well the video will turn out on here (or even if it’ll link properly) so if the quality isn’t great I apologise but hopefully it gives you an idea as to how amazing Scotland is. 

Hmm, I never thought about it like that!

I’m not one for conspiracy theories but I’ve never thought about it in the sense that coming up with conspiracy theories actually works your mind and shows your imagination is bloody amazing. 

I’m sure there’s a difference between coming up with theories because you’re a bit… Strange… And coming up with theories to challenge your mind. Provided you’re not planning on appearing on TV to explain it, there’s probably nothing wrong with it.