I’m so excited!

So that business plan I was writing the other day, the one where was really giddy because it was going to be massive? Well I’ve pushed that to one side as I’ve come up with a much better idea which, hopefully, is much more achievable. 

Now i can’t get to sleep because I’m genuinely so excited by it. I’ve gone through exactly how it would work, written out my management/staff structure, already thought of some questions I can ask when interviewing candidates, planned out the office in terms of access and design, and so the only thing left to worry about is getting the money to start up. I haven’t done any of that research because I get scared talking about numbers like £10,000. 

But I’m so excited!!! Even more so than last week when I was writing a business plan. I just have no patience so now I’ve thought of the idea I want to go out tomorrow and start up the company. 

7 pages of business plan notes

Well wow. I sat down approximately 25 minutes ago and have just lifted my head up off the desk after writing 7 pages of notes for my new business plan. Now I just need to read them again, make sure I can actually understand what I wrote and get drafting the first copy.

It’s getting exciting now. Even whilst I was writing I was coming up with new ideas on how to promote or how to expand. By the end of it I came to the conclusion I was just going to take over Scotland!


Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear

WordPress just told me I’ve made 50 posts on this blog. In roughly 3 weeks. That’s quite a lot. Do I care? Nah not really. Do you care? Probably not. But hey ho.


This was supposed to be a blog for arguing and complaining about life but actually it’s turned into a blog about bloody anything and everything. That’s probably better though. It means the CIA won’t be tracking what I really think about Donald Trumpington. I’m already on one of their lists for them to scan my emails because I regularly email a friend in Canada and we tend to rant to each other at least once a week. The last few months of rants have been taken up with terrorists and immigration and some of the comments in the emails could well be classed as “high-risk”. So if I suddenly disappear for a couple of weeks, keep an eye on the news and you may well see I’ve been arrested or something.

Wow, I get off topic a lot don’t I? So yeah. Thanks to everyone who’s read the blog so far and if you like do let me know 😉

Wow, yay!

This morning I was in such a fettle. I could’ve happily gone back to bed and stayed there for days but I forced myself to get out and walk the dog. I’m glad I did as I managed to get a less than perfect photo that people seem to love. 

I posted it on here, on my Instagram and also my Facebook page and more and more people are liking the picture. 

It could be construed as me being shallow or whatever but seeing a notification to say someone has liked one of your pictures is such a boost. Going out with a camera and capturing a good shot is a great feeling, but having others like it too is amazing. 

So thank you. 

I love Twitter!

I’m in a good mood again. One of my few new years resolutions is to learn Scots Gaelic in 2016. I moved to the Highlands just over a year ago and I’ve always wanted to learn the language. I’ve known one phrase for a while…

“Fáilte Sam Smalaidh, Ciamar a tha thu?” – “Welcome Fireman Sam, How are you?”

I know, quite specific. But it was the first full phrase I learned and for some reason it’s stuck in my head ever since. This year though I want to learn the language properly and by the end of the year I want to be able to construct a full conversation with someone. Whether it happens or not we’ll see.

Anyway I just posted on twitter saying I only know one phrase (Ciamar a tha thu?) and straight away someone replied and said “here’s your second, Tha gu math – I’m well”.

I know it’s not much but just the fact someone was so quick to help is a rather touching thing!