I’m having one of those days again. You know the ones where you just can’t get into the right frame of mind for working or speaking to people? Thankfully I have my own business so taking a day off here and there is easy and most of the time a day is all it takes. But today just feels wrong. It’s hard to describe but it just feels like it’s going to be a bloody long day.

The work I do means I need to liaise with clients so there are days where I’ll need to call them. For most people this isn’t an issue. They call the client, job done. But for someone with anxiety it’s near on impossible to get yourself into the right frame of mind to be able to even dial the number. I know, I know. Why the hell would I run a business where I had to talk to people if I couldn’t talk to people. I know. But the actual work is great fun so that counterbalances everything.

Back to today though. I work from home and I would usually work upstairs in the attic conversion as it’s away from everything else and nobody goes up there unless they’re looking for me. Today though I don’t want to work up there and I don’t know why. I’m sat in the living room writing this whilst staring out at the red squirrels chasing each other around the tree and I’m trying desperately to force myself to write quicker so I can do the work I’ve promised to clients. But… I can’t be arsed.

I tend not to proofread my posts as that way they are written exactly how I speak. It means I can often jump between 17 different thought processes during one post. That isn’t a bad thing, is it?

Does anyone else get days like this? Days where they could quite happily go back to bed for a bit of netflix and chill. On your own because, like me, you have no friends locally?