Needed some alone time

I took myself off for a walk this afternoon. I woke up this morning and couldn’t really engage my brain to do anything so I drove out to the coast and went for a walk. Ended up 6 miles up the coast and past this cool spot. 

On the way back I stopped off and took some pictures. None of them really came out well but thanks to Instagrams filters it now looks pretty good. You can’t quite see the snowy hills but the hills of northern Scotland are visible across the water, looking towards Wick and the far north. 

I had a good 4 hours that I managed to forget about real life. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about my ex girlfriend. I don’t know why since we split up 3 years ago and I thought I had moved on but clearly not. But the walk this afternoon let me think everything through so hopefully I really can move on and meet someone else. I’m so lonely!!

What did you do this Sunday, anything interesting?

I went walkies!

I fancied a walk this afternoon and ended up at the highest point in Moray, Scotland. Ben Rinnes has been something I’ve wanted to climb since I moved to Scotland and since the weather was fairly good I took the opportunity. 


Thick layer of ice and snow around a big clump of rocks
I took loads of pictures, using my iPhone only. I did take my big camera but it was far too cold to use it. Google weather said it was -7 at the peak and that was without wind chill. I’d say adding wind chill took it to at least -12, possibly colder. 

It was still great fun though and the views were epic. I’m not sure how well the video will turn out on here (or even if it’ll link properly) so if the quality isn’t great I apologise but hopefully it gives you an idea as to how amazing Scotland is.