Why is everyone so open about it?

Once upon a time, sex was a taboo subject. Nobody talked about it and it certainly wasn’t in the public eye in magazines or TV shows and yet you can’t watch a programme these days without there being at least one innuendo or suggestive pose. I hate it.

I was watching a programme a few weeks ago that had absolutely nothing to do with the subject, it’s basically a soap opera about a hospital, and there was a scene with two actors that lasted approximately 20 seconds in which they spoke about what underwear they were wearing. Why?! It had absolutely no bearing on the story whatsoever. It didn’t change the course of the programme. You didn’t see them walk off into the distance at the end of the show, it was never mentioned again. But for some reason the writers/producers/directors/whoever decided it would be good to have add that pointless conversation to the programme.

I may be a 21 year old male but I’m not old enough to be watching programmes with those sorts of conversations whilst my parents are sitting right next to me. Some of us genuinely don’t want to hear about the supposedly sordid sex lives of fictional characters, especially not when it has no impact on the storyline!

I’m not daft however. I know they put sly comments in to keep people watching and get people talking but I don’t see why they have to.

After writing that I wanted to post some funny related picture that summed up how annoyed I get but instead I found this… Enjoy.


Creative blockĀ 

I’ve always wanted to write a short story or a collection of them. I wrote a short story, many years ago in middle school, that I really liked. It was about a student who goes to get some exam papers from the exam cupboard and finds all the papers have been set alight and burned and none of the teachers believe him when he says he didn’t do it and so he’s put in detention until he admits it. Then after he does admit it he’s excluded but then the student that really did it finally comes forward and the original student comes back and they all live happily ever after. Anyway, I wrote that just on my own outside of school and I took it in and asked my English teacher to read it and mark it as if it was a proper bit of schoolwork and I got about 98%. 

Ever since that I’ve wanted to write something else. Last year I came up with the idea of writing a TV or stage drama based on a therapists office, focusing on one person who comes in for the first time after finding out he’s dying and the story basically follows his ups and downs of going to see the therapist and how she talks him out of suicide etc. 

Quite… Dark, I know. But the more I thought about it the more I was getting into it and I even managed to plan out the first 10 minutes of dialogue in the TV programme. 

I sat down this afternoon and thought “I know, I’ll try writing a script” and got about 20 lines down and then thought “wow that’s shit” so I gave up.