Anyone up for a road trip?

6,400 miles. 14 countries. 20+ days.

I’ve always wanted to go on a proper road trip. I’ve done small trips from Scotland to England but that’s been for work. I’ve done trips from home to Skye or Mull but they’ve been for holidays. I want to do a road trip that spans countries, takes weeks and lets you completely switch off from the real world and enjoy the sights and sounds.

A few months ago I spent the evening playing around on Google maps and out of curiosity I wanted to find out how long it would take to drive around to the northernmost point in Europe. I’ve been there before. We had a family holiday travelling around the north of Scandinavia taking in Norway, Sweden and Finland and I have wanted to go back ever since. We went to Nordkapp (northernmost point in mainland Europe) and saw a glimpse of the Midnight Sun.Read More »

I’m in the mood for travelling again

I got bored with working so I started looking at Canada again. I don’t know why but since I was about 9 or 10 years old I’ve wanted to live in Canada. North Vancouver to be more precise. Or maybe Whistler, in the hills.

So anyway I got looking at pictures of Canada and came across the following image that is from a blog post detailing 6 western Canada road trips. Naturally I now want to do all 6 drives but the one I really want to do is the Icefields Read More »