The human body continues to amaze me

I’m watching a programme on TV and this woman donated one of her kidneys to her sister. I know, what a woman. But there was a doctor on this programme explaining how the body deals with essentially losing one of its kidneys. 

When you donate a kidney it means the kidneys is only doing 50% of the work. The body then adjusts and evolves and the one remaining kidney increases its capacity in order to do the work of the missing kidney. After however many months, this single kidney is able to do the work of two kidneys. 

Now, I’m not going to get into an argument with God botherers about how this made up thing designed the human body like this. Because that’s bollocks. This whole story and the whole concept of a kidney adapting to its new surroundings is a story of evolution. The kidney evolves to work harder because it’s doing the work of two organs. 

I digress. The human body is an amazing thing and listening to stories about how complex everything is, astonishes me. Even trying to understanding some mental health problems and realising how complicated they are but also researching how every brain is different and what goes on inside the head. 

Anyway, I could talk for hours on it. Safe to say I’m amazed.