Creative block 

I’ve always wanted to write a short story or a collection of them. I wrote a short story, many years ago in middle school, that I really liked. It was about a student who goes to get some exam papers from the exam cupboard and finds all the papers have been set alight and burned and none of the teachers believe him when he says he didn’t do it and so he’s put in detention until he admits it. Then after he does admit it he’s excluded but then the student that really did it finally comes forward and the original student comes back and they all live happily ever after. Anyway, I wrote that just on my own outside of school and I took it in and asked my English teacher to read it and mark it as if it was a proper bit of schoolwork and I got about 98%. 

Ever since that I’ve wanted to write something else. Last year I came up with the idea of writing a TV or stage drama based on a therapists office, focusing on one person who comes in for the first time after finding out he’s dying and the story basically follows his ups and downs of going to see the therapist and how she talks him out of suicide etc. 

Quite… Dark, I know. But the more I thought about it the more I was getting into it and I even managed to plan out the first 10 minutes of dialogue in the TV programme. 

I sat down this afternoon and thought “I know, I’ll try writing a script” and got about 20 lines down and then thought “wow that’s shit” so I gave up. 

Wimp alert 

I was all set to write a blog post about how sexualised society has become and how I hate it all but I wimped out after I wrote some rather personal things in it. I dunno who’s reading this blog so I wasn’t too sure what I wanted people to know!

Anyway, the jist of it is that I dislike how every programme has at least one innuendo or sexual encounter in it now. Noticeably a lot more TV programmes now come with the “contains adult humour” disclaimer. Why!? Why does it have to contain adult humour!? I may be 21, I may be male, I may have “enjoyed my teenage years” but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m comfortable talking about it openly or hearing other people talk about it. It is possible to be funny without using smut. 

I can’t be the only one that gets embarrassed when someone on TV starts talking about anything remotely sexual?

Am I?

I’m such a wuss.

I was moving glass in the garage and it sliced my finger. I only noticed when I turned around and there was blood on the floor. What makes me a wuss is that I had to go and lie down for half an hour because I felt sick. I really don’t do blood and, for me, there was a lot of it. 

My jeans also didn’t fair well because before I realised, I wiped my hand down my jeans so now they’re ruined. 


Who the hell is voting for Donald Trump based on what Sarah Palin thinks?

I don’t get this whole celebrity endorsement bullshit. I mean, so fucking what if some arsehole presenter off the tele votes for a certain political party? I couldn’t give a toss! Good for them. Congratulations. Give yourself a pat on the back or a sticker from the sticker book in the play area of the nursery you just escaped from.

It turns out Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Trump. Well whoopde-fucking-do. I know Americans are often referred to as stupid, which isn’t true AT ALL. I mean look at Stephen Haw… Oh…No, Americans are not stupid but who the hellRead More »

I hate it so I do 

Change. I hate it. I have changed schools many times so I’ve had to change friends, change areas, change lifestyle etc etc. There is one change that has really got to me though. One that, when read aloud, sounds daft. But it’s one that genuinely upsets me. 

Updates to mobile phone apps. 

You know the ones I mean when Facebook or Twitter update their app and normally they’re minuscule changes that you don’t even see but then every few months along comes a massive hurricane of an update that just fucks your life apart in a heartbeat. 

About 3/4 weeks ago eBay wanted me to update their app. I did so, and within 5 seconds of opening their new app I hated it. There’s nothing specific that I hate but honestly every time I open it my heart sinks. It’s a ridiculous thing to say I know but it’s true. I hate it so much that a small piece of my soul dies when I use it. 

I hate change. I’ve always hated change. But I’m usually fairly relaxed about changes to mobile phone apps, but this latest round of updates for Facebook, Twitter and eBay have really hit me. All three of them are bloody awful designs and the eBay one just doesn’t work at all. I mean, it does work. But it doesn’t work for me. 

Anyone else hate change as much as me or am I alone on this shite too?

Well that was strange

Do you ever have a really vivid dream and then you wake up and have to spend half an hour convincing yourself it wasn’t real?

I had one of those last night. My brother died in his sleep, my mum moved his body to a room that magically appeared off the bathroom and then we both went to talk to him the following afternoon and his finger flinched and instead of jumping and running out of the room screaming, I looked at my mum and said “he is dead, right?”

It was a horrible dream because everything, apart from the room that appeared from nowhere, was true. It was in our old house, the layout was the same, walls were the same colour etc etc. 

I woke up this morning and just lay there going over everything. Y’know, just to make sure life was alright. 

Anyone else get those weirdass dreams that freak you out?


I may be 2 months late but I’m going for the whole movember look in January. 

I normally shave every couple of weeks keeping some stubble but for sone reason I want to let it grow as long as possible. Maybe it’s curiosity. That’s probably it actually. I’ve always kept my hair relatively short and now I want to find out how ridiculous I look with long wavy hair and a stupid beard. Oh, how do I know it’ll be stupid? Because I have a stupid baldy patch right under my chin that is growing much slower than everywhere else.

That’s why. 

To run or not to run

I quite fancy doing a competitive run this year but a few minutes after thinking that, I came to the conclusion I couldn’t be arsed. 

A marathon is too far, a half marathon is probably too much at the minute and a 5k isn’t far enough so I’m thinking 10k. But, I don’t run. I don’t run at all so I’m looking at doing the Inverness 10k but it would likely take from now until the even in September before I could run a whole mile without stopping. 

Does anyone run and has anyone run a competitive race? 

The coolest thing in the world!

I bet none of you have a Tetris light. Do you? Huh? Huh? I do. And if you stop to admire the science behind it, it’s the most nerdishly light ever. 

There are bulbs in each section (block) and when two blocks are put together the metal rims conduct the electricity that powers the bulbs. So you can make any shape you like and as long as the metal bits are joined they’ll light up. 
It was a Christmas present and every time I look at it I turn into a massive need understanding how it works. 

Hey you, yeah, you

Followers followers, wherefore art thou followers?

Did you know, the average number of followers of all WordPress blogs is 63? Bet you didn’t. I just made it up. But I wonder how many followers is a decent amount. I mean, we all want thousands and there are blogs with millions of followers. On the other hand there are blogs with only a few followers and they’re over the moon. 

I’m just glad there are people prepared to read my crap! I think I now have 16 followers which isn’t bad for only being online for a couple of weeks. I always want more though. I’m never happy!

Where do you stand? Are you out to get as many followers as possible or do you post for your own pleasure?