Yay me!

Well like I could always picture myself moving to Canada and living my life but for the last couple of years I’ve struggled looking past the next day. Recently I’m beginning to get back to imagining life in the long term and now thinking about the idea that there are 3.5 billion people out there that I haven’t met, the idea of that excites me

Sad times

It’s sad that we’ve got to a stage in civilisation where you can’t offer somebody something for free without them thinking there’s a catch.

I’m a web designer. I designed a website over the weekend for a friends (or what I thought was a friends) new business, and got everything set up and working. I messaged them this afternoon to explain what I had done and that I wanted to give them the website so they at least had somewhere online people could go and see all of their products and stuff.

I don’t think they really understood what I was doing as this person kept saying “what’s the catch?”. Genuinely, there was no catch. I saw they had just started a new facebook page and were asking people to share the page to increase their following and I thought it would be a nice thing to do to get them a really simple website developed.

It’s sad that we can’t give things out for free anymore. Everyone thinks there’s a catch and that they’ll be screwed over at some point, and no amount of promises will make them believe you.

I’m talking myself into a bad mood again.

Au revoir!

This has come around far too soon

I have my first CBT session this afternoon and to be really honest, I’m shitting it. I’m sure it’ll be fine but there’s a big part of me that just doesn’t think it’ll work and I’m wasting my time. I know that’s not the right mindset to be in when starting it but I can’t help it unfortunately.

I barely slept last night for worrying and I woke up this morning and couldn’t eat because I felt so sick. I know it’s the nerves and I tried to force myself to eat but couldn’t. Now I’m sat at my computer working trying to take my mind of it but there’s a constant churning feeling in my stomach. It’s not quite an anxiety attack yet but I’m sure that’ll come at around 3pm so watch this space.

Has anyone done CBT or know what the first session is about?