I’m preparing my argument 

I drove over to Inverness today for a day out and on the way home I getting tired and there were loads of slow people on the road and my patience was getting thinner and thinner. 

Anyway at one point we got stuck behind a truck. We got to a long straight bit and of course there’s a police speed camera van half way down. The truck slows down to 40 (his limit) and so, because the road is totally clear I pull out and overtake. I didn’t go over my speed limit (60) but I overtook right where the camera van was sitting. 

I’m now expecting a letter in the post about dangerous driving or some shit so I’m preparing my argument for when it happens. The road was perfectly clear, it’s a long enough bit that I have time to react to something coming the other way and I didn’t go over the speed limit. 

No further questions, your honour. 

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