Wimp alertĀ 

I was all set to write a blog post about how sexualised society has become and how I hate it all but I wimped out after I wrote some rather personal things in it. I dunno who’s reading this blog so I wasn’t too sure what I wanted people to know!

Anyway, the jist of it is that I dislike how every programme has at least one innuendo or sexual encounter in it now. Noticeably a lot more TV programmes now come with the “contains adult humour” disclaimer. Why!? Why does it have to contain adult humour!? I may be 21, I may be male, I may have “enjoyed my teenage years” but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m comfortable talking about it openly or hearing other people talk about it. It is possible to be funny without using smut. 

I can’t be the only one that gets embarrassed when someone on TV starts talking about anything remotely sexual?

Am I?

7 pages of business plan notes

Well wow. I sat down approximately 25 minutes ago and have just lifted my head up off the desk after writing 7 pages of notes for my new business plan. Now I just need to read them again, make sure I can actually understand what I wrote and get drafting the first copy.

It’s getting exciting now. Even whilst I was writing I was coming up with new ideas on how to promote or how to expand. By the end of it I came to the conclusion I was just going to take over Scotland!


Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear

WordPress just told me I’ve made 50 posts on this blog. In roughly 3 weeks. That’s quite a lot. Do I care? Nah not really. Do you care? Probably not. But hey ho.


This was supposed to be a blog for arguing and complaining about life but actually it’s turned into a blog about bloody anything and everything. That’s probably better though. It means the CIA won’t be tracking what I really think about Donald Trumpington. I’m already on one of their lists for them to scan my emails because I regularly email a friend in Canada and we tend to rant to each other at least once a week. The last few months of rants have been taken up with terrorists and immigration and some of the comments in the emails could well be classed as “high-risk”. So if I suddenly disappear for a couple of weeks, keep an eye on the news and you may well see I’ve been arrested or something.

Wow, I get off topic a lot don’t I? So yeah. Thanks to everyone who’s read the blog so far and if you like do let me know šŸ˜‰

Anyone struggling to learn English?

If anyone out there is struggling to learn English, I don’t envy you. It is apparently the hardest language to learn because we have 17 different meanings for the same word. I think it’s the word “so” that has the most number of meanings (7 I think, but feel free to correct me!).


Someone just posted this picture on Facebook and I love it. I love how complex and detailed the English language is but I guess I’m only excited by it because I’m English and I don’t have to learn it.

The other one I love is how the phrase – “I never said she stole my money” – has 7 different meanings. Don’t believe me? Read the phrase out loud 7 times, and move the emphasis to the next word each time.

IĀ never said she stole my money”

“IĀ never said she stole my money”

“I neverĀ said she stole my money”

Etc… etc…

There are loads of examples of the complexities of the language and even us English folk struggle sometimes. In fact, looking through Facebook right now proves just how many Brits can’t spell for shit. Although the upside is that they’ve stopped writing in text speak. I guess it’s a start!

I’m so excited!

I’m really giddy. Tonight I came to with a new business idea, much bigger than the two I currently own but one that the more I think about the more excited I become. 

I’ve spent the last 2 hours just lying in bed coming up with ideas on how it could work and then imagining the opening day and driving into the premises and seeing a huge line of people waiting to come in. 

I’m gonna go see some business people tomorrow and talk it through with them. I’m pretty sure nothing will come of it but I may as well ask, right?

I’m such a wuss.

I was moving glass in the garage and it sliced my finger. I only noticed when I turned around and there was blood on the floor. What makes me a wuss is that I had to go and lie down for half an hour because I felt sick. I really don’t do blood and, for me, there was a lot of it. 

My jeans also didn’t fair well because before I realised, I wiped my hand down my jeans so now they’re ruined. 


The human body continues to amaze me

I’m watching a programme on TV and this woman donated one of her kidneys to her sister. I know, what a woman. But there was a doctor on this programme explaining how the body deals with essentially losing one of its kidneys. 

When you donate a kidney it means the kidneys is only doing 50% of the work. The body then adjusts and evolves and the one remaining kidney increases its capacity in order to do the work of the missing kidney. After however many months, this single kidney is able to do the work of two kidneys. 

Now, I’m not going to get into an argument with God botherers about how this made up thing designed the human body like this. Because that’s bollocks. This whole story and the whole concept of a kidney adapting to its new surroundings is a story of evolution. The kidney evolves to work harder because it’s doing the work of two organs. 

I digress. The human body is an amazing thing and listening to stories about how complex everything is, astonishes me. Even trying to understanding some mental health problems and realising how complicated they are but also researching how every brain is different and what goes on inside the head. 

Anyway, I could talk for hours on it. Safe to say I’m amazed. 

Who the hell is voting for Donald Trump based on what Sarah Palin thinks?

I don’t get this whole celebrity endorsement bullshit. I mean, so fucking what if some arsehole presenter off the tele votes for a certain political party? I couldn’t give a toss! Good for them. Congratulations. Give yourself a pat on the back or a sticker from the sticker book in the play area of the nursery you just escaped from.

It turns out Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Trump. Well whoopde-fucking-do. I know Americans are often referred to as stupid, which isn’t true AT ALL. I mean look at Stephen Haw… Oh…No, Americans are not stupid but who the hellRead More »

I hate it so I doĀ 

Change. I hate it. I have changed schools many times so I’ve had to change friends, change areas, change lifestyle etc etc. There is one change that has really got to me though. One that, when read aloud, sounds daft. But it’s one that genuinely upsets me. 

Updates to mobile phone apps. 

You know the ones I mean when Facebook or Twitter update their app and normally they’re minuscule changes that you don’t even see but then every few months along comes a massive hurricane of an update that just fucks your life apart in a heartbeat. 

About 3/4 weeks ago eBay wanted me to update their app. I did so, and within 5 seconds of opening their new app I hated it. There’s nothing specific that I hate but honestly every time I open it my heart sinks. It’s a ridiculous thing to say I know but it’s true. I hate it so much that a small piece of my soul dies when I use it. 

I hate change. I’ve always hated change. But I’m usually fairly relaxed about changes to mobile phone apps, but this latest round of updates for Facebook, Twitter and eBay have really hit me. All three of them are bloody awful designs and the eBay one just doesn’t work at all. I mean, it does work. But it doesn’t work for me. 

Anyone else hate change as much as me or am I alone on this shite too?

Wow, yay!

This morning I was in such a fettle. I could’ve happily gone back to bed and stayed there for days but I forced myself to get out and walk the dog. I’m glad I did as I managed to get a less than perfect photo that people seem to love. 

I posted it on here, on my Instagram and also my Facebook page and more and more people are liking the picture. 

It could be construed as me being shallow or whatever but seeing a notification to say someone has liked one of your pictures is such a boost. Going out with a camera and capturing a good shot is a great feeling, but having others like it too is amazing. 

So thank you.