I’m so excited!

So that business plan I was writing the other day, the one where was really giddy because it was going to be massive? Well I’ve pushed that to one side as I’ve come up with a much better idea which, hopefully, is much more achievable. 

Now i can’t get to sleep because I’m genuinely so excited by it. I’ve gone through exactly how it would work, written out my management/staff structure, already thought of some questions I can ask when interviewing candidates, planned out the office in terms of access and design, and so the only thing left to worry about is getting the money to start up. I haven’t done any of that research because I get scared talking about numbers like £10,000. 

But I’m so excited!!! Even more so than last week when I was writing a business plan. I just have no patience so now I’ve thought of the idea I want to go out tomorrow and start up the company. 

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