Who the hell is voting for Donald Trump based on what Sarah Palin thinks?

I don’t get this whole celebrity endorsement bullshit. I mean, so fucking what if some arsehole presenter off the tele votes for a certain political party? I couldn’t give a toss! Good for them. Congratulations. Give yourself a pat on the back or a sticker from the sticker book in the play area of the nursery you just escaped from.

It turns out Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Trump. Well whoopde-fucking-do. I know Americans are often referred to as stupid, which isn’t true AT ALL. I mean look at Stephen Haw… Oh…No, Americans are not stupid but who the hell is voting for Donald Trump based on what some fruitloop ex-politician turned reality TV star has to say?


Every 5 years we have a general election in the UK and every 5 years we have the usual however many months of buildup to a less than satisfying election day, which ALWAYS involves celebrities saying I should vote for one leader or another. Why? Don’t tell me how to vote. I’ll make my own choices, and one of those will be to avoid the film you’ve just made or the book you’ve just written or the footballer you’ve just shagged.

It’s hard to put into words just how utterly pointless it is to have someone, not famous but has a well known face, come out in support of a political party. Oh what, you think I’m going to vote Labour just because some half-wit Z-list film star says he’ll be voting for them?

Oh well let’s not vote at all. Let’s get the lead actor/actress of the highest grossing film in the previous 5 years and ask him who they’d quite like to go bungee jumping with and take that as the next prime minister. I mean, why not?


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