I hate it so I do 

Change. I hate it. I have changed schools many times so I’ve had to change friends, change areas, change lifestyle etc etc. There is one change that has really got to me though. One that, when read aloud, sounds daft. But it’s one that genuinely upsets me. 

Updates to mobile phone apps. 

You know the ones I mean when Facebook or Twitter update their app and normally they’re minuscule changes that you don’t even see but then every few months along comes a massive hurricane of an update that just fucks your life apart in a heartbeat. 

About 3/4 weeks ago eBay wanted me to update their app. I did so, and within 5 seconds of opening their new app I hated it. There’s nothing specific that I hate but honestly every time I open it my heart sinks. It’s a ridiculous thing to say I know but it’s true. I hate it so much that a small piece of my soul dies when I use it. 

I hate change. I’ve always hated change. But I’m usually fairly relaxed about changes to mobile phone apps, but this latest round of updates for Facebook, Twitter and eBay have really hit me. All three of them are bloody awful designs and the eBay one just doesn’t work at all. I mean, it does work. But it doesn’t work for me. 

Anyone else hate change as much as me or am I alone on this shite too?


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