I just got handed a few £ (GB Pound) coins and for some reason I felt I had to put them in date order. Three coins: 2003, 2000 and a 1983.

It’s not very clear but it does say 1983!

It was at this moment, it occurred to me, that one of these coins was 11 years older than me. This little bit of… coin… what are coins made of? Copper? Gold? Oh apparently “a mixture of copper, zinc and nickel”. So, this little bit of Copzinckel is approximately 33 years old.

It got me thinking. So here are a few events that this bit of Copzinckel saw that I missed:

  • Prince Harry was born (1984)
  • Condom commercials began to appear on TV for the first time – oo er! (1987)
  • The world population reaches 5 billion (1987)
  • Tim Berners-Lee invents the World Wide Web (1989)
  • Nelson Mandela is freed – Yay! (1990)

It’s quite something to overthink things so much that you become giddy at the fact this coin has been alive for 33 years already.


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