Hey you, yeah, you

Followers followers, wherefore art thou followers?

Did you know, the average number of followers of all WordPress blogs is 63? Bet you didn’t. I just made it up. But I wonder how many followers is a decent amount. I mean, we all want thousands and there are blogs with millions of followers. On the other hand there are blogs with only a few followers and they’re over the moon. 

I’m just glad there are people prepared to read my crap! I think I now have 16 followers which isn’t bad for only being online for a couple of weeks. I always want more though. I’m never happy!

Where do you stand? Are you out to get as many followers as possible or do you post for your own pleasure?

4 thoughts on “Hey you, yeah, you

  1. 15 well wasted minutes later all I found was that there are 74,652,825 sites on WordPress. If someone knows the number of visitors math stuff can happen.
    But personally for me managing to keep blogging regularly is my main goal (currently failing like an arthritic ant in the insect olympics). If I focused on followers I would feel all floppy and unsuccessful in life.
    But I’ll follow you. You are now being stalked.

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