That feeling when 

Do you ever get that feeling that whilst you’re not suicidal per say, you wouldn’t mind if something were to happen?

That’s me now. I read an article somewhere a few weeks ago saying that “suicidal thoughts” doesn’t always mean “thinking of ways to kill yourself”. One of the things was how “suicidal thoughts” can also be “not actively wanting to die but if something happened you wouldn’t be too bothered”

I always believed I never had suicidal thoughts because I never thought “that’s it I want to die” but actually I do take more risks than others because the idea of dying doesn’t scare me. I take risks whilst driving (only when there’s nobody else in the car or on the road) and I know that if something were to happen I could die, but it doesn’t scare me. 

Sorry, this probably makes no sense. Does anyone understand it?


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