Yeah, but why…?

It was reported earlier today that David Mundell had come out as gay. I know, shock horror! The Scottish Secretary (Conservative MP) is gay! Oh my god! How awful! Not.

So what’s my problem? My problem is not with David Mundell. It’s not with gay people, of which I could be described as being 50% on their side (hint hint…). My problem is with society. My problem is with this notion that people feel like they NEED to “come out”. We live in a world where people fear the repercussions of saying they’re not straight and it annoys me massively.

I respect David Mundell and I understand why he came out publicly as I’m sure (and hope) it will help others in the same position. But I don’t see why he should have to publicly say he’s gay. Straight people don’t get all worried about telling their parents they’re straight so why is it that the non-straight people feel they have to?

As I say I know why famouses come out as publicly gay as it turns them into a role model for others who want to tell people they’re gay but aren’t sure how or aren’t sure what will happen. If they see their role model doing it they can hopefully feel a bit more relaxed about it. But I just don’t understand why society allows people to feel shit about being normal.

I hope this post makes sense. It’s designed to show how fucked up society is. I’m not getting at people for “coming out”. If they feel they have to/want to then good for them, good luck. I just hate society that puts so much pressure on people to belong to a group. Everything these days is about belonging to something and there’s nothing about standing up for yourself and standing out from the crowd.

Did I make sense?!

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