Anyone up for a road trip?

6,400 miles. 14 countries. 20+ days.

I’ve always wanted to go on a proper road trip. I’ve done small trips from Scotland to England but that’s been for work. I’ve done trips from home to Skye or Mull but they’ve been for holidays. I want to do a road trip that spans countries, takes weeks and lets you completely switch off from the real world and enjoy the sights and sounds.

A few months ago I spent the evening playing around on Google maps and out of curiosity I wanted to find out how long it would take to drive around to the northernmost point in Europe. I’ve been there before. We had a family holiday travelling around the north of Scandinavia taking in Norway, Sweden and Finland and I have wanted to go back ever since. We went to Nordkapp (northernmost point in mainland Europe) and saw a glimpse of the Midnight Sun.

So yes, back to the important stuff. I plotted a rough map last night that included the Atlantic Road on the west coast of Norway. Someone tagged me into a picture on Facebook the other night of the Atlantic Road and it looks so cool! It’s only 5 miles long or something so I’d probably do it a couple of times.

The Atlantic Road, Norway

The route starts off near home in Scotland – I don’t want you knowing where I live! Down through Scotland, through England down to Dover. Across the channel into France, east through the Netherlands and Belgium and into Germany. North into Denmark and then a ferry over to NorwayThis is the bit I want to enjoy the most. Then it’s driving all the way up through Norway, heading into Sweden and Finland before going back across the border towards the North Norway waters and on towards Nordkapp right at the top.

Midnight Sun, Nordkapp, Norway

After a few nights here it’s back south into Finland and then travelling the whole length of the country into Eastern Europe. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland are the remaining countries that will make up the total of 14 countries.

If I wanted to be more adventurous I could head into Belarus, then Poland and then head south towards Austria and Switzerland. That would add a good 2 or 3000 miles onto the journey but there are some amazing driving roads in Southern Europe!

According to Google Maps the total mileage is 6,318 miles (10,168km) but I’ll be heading off the main roads to explore so it’ll probably be more like 7 or even 8,000 miles in the end. It also says it’s a 118 hour non-stop drive. I’d be looking at doing 2-300 miles a day once I get into Norway so I would be looking at spending a month on the road, possibly longer if I decide to stay in one place a bit longer.

I have an 8 year old car that already has 86,000 miles on the clock so I’m in two minds about taking that. On the one hand, a brand new car would definitely make it and would be a lot comfier. On the other hand, I could use my current car and just run it into the ground, until it goes bang. I’m sure it would make the whole trip but I’m not sure how healthy it’ll be once I get home. A couple of ideas I’ve had is to buy a really cheap campervan, but that’ll be really slow and loud and uncomfortable, but I can sleep wherever and whenever I like. I also like the idea of buying a vintage car. Not like a Model T Ford, but a car from the 60’s and 70’s which would be great fun but again, it’s old, things will go wrong, I need accommodation, etc etc etc.


So… What’s the best road trip you’ve been on or what’s your dream road trip? Let me know below!!

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