“Why the hell not…”

When I was younger I would often look at people doing something different and think, “what on earth are you doing that for”? In the last couple of years though it seems I’ve grown up. I’ve reached the point where I look at someone doing something different and think, “good for you”.

I often look through Instagram and there are so many people doing so many different things that I can waste a perfectly good evening looking at what people are up to. For example, on my Instagram timeline there is a guy (not sure how old he is) and he’s from Scotland and it looks like he has set up a miniature airport in his house. Every day he posts updates on flights that come and go or he makes up incidents at the airport and responds to them. When I first saw his posts I wasn’t really sure what he was doing or why, but after a week of seeing his updates I started to think, “well why the hell not?”. He obviously enjoys what he does and from the number of followers he has, it seems a lot of other people enjoy what he does as well.

I saw a post on Tumblr last year that I wish I’d saved because it’s a perfect quote and I can’t remember the exact wording. It was essentially “play video games on easy, dance badly, sing out of tune, etc etc” and it was brilliant. It basically said do what the hell you want to do and ignore anyone that points and laughs. Don’t be scared of trying something new and if it’s something you genuinely enjoy doing, who the hell are they to try and stop you?

I would love to hear some of your less obvious hobbies. Things out of the ordinary, things you really enjoy doing that other people look at you weirdly for. I used to collect toy cars when I was in my teens. I had a huge collection but then I moved house and they stayed in a box.


P.S. If anyone is reading this and knows the picture I’m talking about please send it to me so I can attach it to this post!


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