I love Twitter!

I’m in a good mood again. One of my few new years resolutions is to learn Scots Gaelic in 2016. I moved to the Highlands just over a year ago and I’ve always wanted to learn the language. I’ve known one phrase for a while…

“Fáilte Sam Smalaidh, Ciamar a tha thu?” – “Welcome Fireman Sam, How are you?”

I know, quite specific. But it was the first full phrase I learned and for some reason it’s stuck in my head ever since. This year though I want to learn the language properly and by the end of the year I want to be able to construct a full conversation with someone. Whether it happens or not we’ll see.

Anyway I just posted on twitter saying I only know one phrase (Ciamar a tha thu?) and straight away someone replied and said “here’s your second, Tha gu math – I’m well”.

I know it’s not much but just the fact someone was so quick to help is a rather touching thing!

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