Christmas Commercialisation

Where better to start than Christmas. The most exciting time of the year for all those who’ve forgotten (or are too young to know) what Christmas is really about.

I am the most atheistic person you’re likely to meet, apart from scientists maybe, but even I know that Christmas is not supposed to be about receiving lots of presents, or over-doing the turkey dinner or even spending time with family. Christmas is a religious occasion just like Easter (which is yet to become so commercialised although supermarkets are already selling easter eggs on January 3rd) and yet families are teaching their kids that they should be excited that a fat man in a red suit is coming to deliver expensive gifts that have absolutely no connection to Jesus or Christianity.


Have you also noticed that Christmas gifts and/or sales are starting earlier every year? How could you not notice.
November 1st 2015 was the day the shops unveiled their displays and all the over-priced products we gullible folk buy. It was amazing to see actually. October 31st was strictly Halloween. The fuss Halloween creates these days is phenomenal and in a few years I reckon it’ll become just as commercial as Christmas. Anyway, Halloween passes and at 00.01am on November 1st the first email comes through from a certain large online retailer that rhymes with Tamazon wishing me a great festive season and to make sure I don’t miss out on those all important deals. I’m sorry… Miss out? At this point there is still 9 weeks to go before the big day, and they’re worried I’m going to forget something?

On a similar note, the John Lewis advert. Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. It has become a symbol of the British Christmas and the idea each year is tug at the heart strings to support them, which in turn supports the charities they donate to. The craze behind the unveiling of the advert each year is staggering and one that I will never get my head around. Something else I will never understand is the cost. A couple of weeks after the advert is released reports begin to speculate how much money was spent on said advert. The latest 2015 advert reportedly cost £1million to produce, along with around £6million of in-store advertising. *choke* pardon me? They’re spending £7million to try and get us to spend more, which then means John Lewis can donate money to charity? Why don’t we just donate that £20 that we would’ve spent in John Lewis straight to the charity (who can giftaid it and get an extra 25% by the way).

Sorry, I digress… Christmas commercialisation. From a devout atheist, someone who hides from the dreaded knock on the door, Christmas should return to it’s roots. Be celebrated for what it is and not as something that teaches kids that giving an old man on the moon a telescope for Christmas is a good idea – If you haven’t seen the JL advert, watch it and see if you can see the underlying message in it!

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